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On this page you will find links to xTalk and HyperMedia related sites and info.

While  project's main goal is to continue to support OpenXTalk Community IDE fork(s), one of the secondary goals is to support and promote use of any and all xTalk/xCard,  alternative 'HyperMedia' systems,  natural language scripting, or related development. It is intended that the scope of this page should include both current and retro-computing interests that are in some way related to xTalk, natural language scripting (incluing Low-Code or No-Code systems) or of xTalk or HyperMedia historical interests.

xTalk Links of Interest

Wikipedia entree for HyperCard
Wikipedia entree for HyperTalk - the original xTalk Script
Macintosh Garden download page for HyperCard v2.4.1 - final release of HyperCard (for macOS v6 to 9.2)
A site dedicaated to HyperCard and xTalk hosted Pantechnicon stack collection
Jeanne DeVoto's House of HyperCard has thousands of HyperCard stacks that can be run via an in-browser early Mac emulation.
A HyperCard Discord server where you can chat about HC or xTalk/xCard clones with other xTalk scripting fans
Read or download the original HyperCard (1.x) manual in PDF format.
HyperCard Reference manual in PDF format
A guide to HyperCard for II GS in PDF format

Wikipedia entree for SuperCard - the first non-Apple 'xCard'
Wikipedia entree for SuperTalk SuperCard's xTalk dialect
Official SuperCard site - SC is still available to purchase (32bit/Carbon, only compatible with macOS 10.14 or lower)
SuperCard on Google Groups a discussion group for SuperCard xTalkers)

Wikipedia entree for LiveCode - the progenitor of OpenXTalk's DPE IDE
Wikipedia entree for LiveCode Ltd. - the company that make LiveCode
Wikipedia entree for MetaCard - the progenitor of Runtime Revolution, LiveCode, and OXT DPE
MetaCard's Website is still online

OpenXION - an open-source xTalk (dialect called 'XION') that runs on command-line via Java Virtual Machine
StackSmith Website - StackSmith is an open source xCard for macOS, including the (cross-platform) xTalk dialect 'Hammer'
ViperCard - A faithful reimplimentation of HyperCard for the Web
Decker - Agressively retro, highly portable xCard for Desktops and Web that uses its own scripting language caled 'Lil' and has some unique qualities
///_HyperScript - xTalk as a first-class Web DOM language, replace JavaScript and JQuery with ///_HyperScript and HTMX for web page interactivity needs!

Wikipedia entree for AppleScript - an xTalk-like scripting language that is still part of macOS
Wikipedia entree for Lingo - xTalk dialect used in early Macromedia Director and ShockWave Flash
Wikipedia entree for HyperStudio - a simplified HyperCard-like 'no-code' or 'low code' IDE
Wikipedia entree for SK8 an unreleased HyperCard-like IDE from Apple only used interally.
Macintosh Garden download page for SK8 - Vintage Mac and Emulation users can try out Apple's SK8
Wikipedia entree for Oracle Media Objects - a pre-JAVA xTslk environment from Oracle
Wikipedia entree for SenseTalk the xTalk dialect used in Eggplant testing suite.
Wikipedia entree for NoteCard - early HyperMedia system at Xerox PARC that inspired HyperCard
Wikipedia entree for Plus / WinPlus an early xTalk/xCard hyper-clone for DOS/Windows PCs
Wikipedia entree for ToolBook, an Xtalk system for Windows
-- To add obscure or unreleased: 'Serf'xCard/xTalk, HyperNeWS, HyperNEXT, etc.
Wikipedia entree for HyperMedia - in pre-WWW times HyperCard spread the ideas of 'HyperMedia' to a large audience
Wikipedia entree for Natural Language Programming - xTalk can be considered an example of natural language programming
MetaMedia a site with some MetaCard and xTalk related content.
Sons of Thunder a site with xTalk related content and useful tips.
Richard Gaskin's Forth World website, home to 'LiveCode Embasy' and 'SuperCard Embassy'.
Richard Gaskin's excellent xTalk scripting guide.
PC Gamer article about retro-remaking a well known game as a HyperCard stack in the year 2020!
Ren'Py is a HyperCard inspired visual novel engine fore Python
A site about the history of HyperMedia
Site about early 'usermodifiable software', specifically SmallTalk and HyperCard
A video presentation about 'RubyCard'
NovoCard is an xCard-like data organizer app with scripting capabilities for iOS mobile devices

by Paul McClernan