Spritesheet example 2

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Spritesheet example 2

Post by tperry2x »

Here's another example of using spritesheets, and parallax scrolling the background
I didn't make the original, but I've tweaked it quite a lot.
Posting here so everyone else can have a play with it and make improvements too:
spritesheet-2.png (173.21 KiB) Viewed 1344 times
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Re: Spritesheet example 2

Post by xAction »

(344.59 KiB) Downloaded 44 times
  1. slider added to adjust the repeatTiming
  2. rawkeydown responds to capslock key
  3. A & D keys trigger loop_player_left_in_place & loop_player_right_in_place
    locking character in place during animation
  4. all loop handlers trigger loop_landscape for infinite scrolling
  5. added graphic "Frame" to group "Scene" to have clamp values to guide the infinite scolling
  6. added versionHistory property to card
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