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Re: More 'non-fun'...

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My intention with this is kind of 3-fold. My random thinking was kind of as follows:

It can suffice as a separate stack as an example people can modify as they see fit.

Or, it might replace the built-in script editor one day - don't know, as unpacking all the bits that make up the old one could be problematic.

However, thirdly - I need a script editor in my various IDEs I'm making, so this might fit the bill. I'm interested in making a script-only stack editor like python idle but for xtalk.
I'm also working on an IDE from scratch, which does not need unpicking and is not interwoven. One day this might see the light of day, but no guarantees - I'd like to use that script editor there (in fact, I need to use it there as my engine doesn't have any "revSE*" stacks it can link into of course). It needs to be totally self-contained and not rely on other stacks also existing and being loaded.
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