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Re: OpenXTalk Lite 1.06 download links

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This release can be downloaded from:
Mega link:

Github-style listing of the OpenXTalk Lite build (but in Mega, NOT in Github)

(Backup download page, if this forum goes down again like it did earlier sat 9/3/24 at 17:40 GMT)

For any major show-stopping bugs, you can download updates to fix these via the 'Help' menu > 'Check for updates'.
(Demo videos of the revised update process [Linux], [Windows], [MacOS])
Otherwise, feel free to download the most recent release. Any bugs found will be corrected in the next most recent release.

"yeah, but I want some screenshots first" - no problem, there are some here.

Saturday, July 13th, 2024: release notes:
OpenXTalk Lite Version 1.06
  • Changed the default paint tool colours to be a neutral grey, rather than white.
  • Added an option to middle-click (mousewheel button) & toggle between browse and pointer tool.
  • Adds an option in the View > Appearance. (Prevents an individual stack's colours being overridden).
  • A small visual tweak in the preferences, and a small adjustment to answer & ask stacks.
  • Fixed the annoying group problem in menubar
  • window fixes for various linux distros.
  • Fix for a intermittent error in App Browser.
  • Modification to the update stack.
  • Modified updater script slightly to add extra options.
  • Sets up the linux file associations script.
  • Tweaks the windows file association dialog (removes references to livecode)
  • Cleans up another additional error in the App Browser.
  • Renamed 'Code' to 'Script' on the toolbar and in the title of script editor windows, so that it's consistent with the rest of the IDE.
OpenXTalk Lite Version 1.05
  • Fixed the tool palette configuration, so that you can reliably toggle certain sections of the tools & the number of tool columns shown.
  • Fixed Linux menu icon at install time (Thanks Richmond for mentioning)
  • Tweaks to updates window. (Moving towards more autonomous solution)
  • Fixes to Quick Dictionary (MacOS) due to Mac-specific path issue.
  • More fixes to Quick Dictionary. Renamed the title (Thanks TerryL), and using revised DB search (Again, thanks to TerryL for this fix).
  • Added a few extra shapes in the 'Vector Shapes' section, in the Tools.
  • Fixed the initial paint colours being set to a random value.
  • When you right-click an object, in the contextual menu - turned off the 'Show Documentation' (for compatibility)
  • Adjusted the menubar drag-handle on MacOS (left -1px) (Thanks Richmond for spotting)
  • Have removed the + on the tools palette to add widgets (this will return at a later date)
OpenXTalk Lite Version 1.04
  • Disabled the flip and rotate commands for gifs, via menubar. This is to stop any animations being lost.
  • Adjusted the layout of the preferences window a bit
  • Additional slight optimisation for menu drawing (all platforms) - (only a few milliseconds)
  • A few extra optimisations to IDE loading time (making a few handlers and functions more efficient)
  • Option to toggle the preset-sizes in the file > new stack submenu.
  • Option to toggle the icon sizes of palettes in preferences
  • Option to turn on the ScreenSharedMemory buffer to improve performance (linux only)
  • Option to toggle the browser widget (preferences > compatibility)
  • Option to toggle data grids (preferences > compatibility)
  • Fixed a few typos in inline comments inside various scripts
  • Increased the initial typing responsiveness of the dictionary stacks
  • Modified the "Quick Dictionary" plugin somewhat, with options to iconify it (additional option in Preferences > Dictionary).
  • Some additional tweaks to sample scripts (if you have those turned on in Preferences > Dictionary).
  • Change the way some submenu-items are generated (they are not generated needlessly & continuously), but only if there are changes.
  • Fixed a bug with the paint tools not saving correctly - thanks to Richmond62 and Micmac for reporting
  • Fixed numerous bugs with the paint tools. Okay: a better description - almost entirely recreated the way paint tools are selected and their properties are set.
  • Changed the appearance of the Tools palette, so that various sections are clearly defined.
  • Added the option to hide the Tools (and Message box if open) in OXT Lite - when the desktop is clicked. (Applies to Mac and Linux).
  • Added the preference option to select either the pointing hand tool, or the arrow tool (requested by micmac)
  • The graphics tools suffered from the same issue as the paint tools, so I fixed those too.
  • Changed the 'single line' message box slightly, so when you open it, it selects the text of the field for you (ready for copying or simply typing over).
  • Paul McClernan noticed that the line tool (bitmap version) has been missing from LCC (and OXT) for a while. I've fixed & restored this - thank you Paul for noticing.
  • Changed the 'Read this first' file (Mac) - (it's kind of an installer on MacOS - or like a pre-emptive setup script), so it may ask for Finder permissions, but this is to create first-run-files and preferences if they don't exist.
  • The Linux install script is now aware of multilingual names for the Desktop, so it won't fail in copying the shortcut, or setting 'trusted' status of the OpenXTalk Lite shortcut because it can't find the path.
  • The Windows installer is a bit more intelligent. It now checks that the user has run the script as an admin, and it also detects if there's an existing OpenXTalk Lite install and will ask if the previous install should be overwritten.
  • Now for the unpopular change (at least for Mac users on Sonoma): Richmond discovered that the Mac standalone will occasionally corrupt images, or leave them entirely blank. I traced this down to the menubar code-patch, as removing it immediately removes the image corruption. This unfortunately means that if you use a Mac-style menubar (as opposed to a stack-placed menubar) in MacOS Sonoma, the standalone will crash.
Note: the following fixes do NOT apply to the mac or windows versions, as they come from the engine. As I'm experiencing engine compile issues on MacOS, and extreme slowness with the recompiled engine on Windows, - the following fixes are only for Linux at this time:
  • If lots of fonts are loaded into memory, the time to quit the IDE has been improved.
  • If an engine runtime error occurs, an error dialog will be displayed rather than failing silently.
  • While typing in the script editor, performance has been improved.
  • If you open and close the message box, the IDE used to get slower. Fixed.
OpenXTalk Lite Version 1.03
  • Colourised the cursors
  • Dictionary stack: There's a bug that messes with the default cursor when you point to the column headings. At least when you close the dictionary, the default cursor is restored now.
  • Added a version without CEF
OpenXTalk Lite Version 1.02
(have just merged the automatic updates from 1.01 into a 1.02 release)
  • Fixes the "Save As..." dialog to default to OpenXTalk, rather than LC7. (Thanks Richmond for reporting)
OpenXTalk Lite Version 1.01
  • hopefully fixed the weird revMenubar crash afflicting MacOS users - thanks to overclockedmind for helping with this :)
  • Tidied up the fixed line height on the dictionary stack (all platforms) - Thanks Richmond for reporting
  • Hopefully resolved desktop shortcut on Linux not being marked as 'trusted' by the installer. - Thanks Richmond for flagging this.
  • No huge changes to Windows version, just to bring versioning up to match other platforms
OpenXTalk Lite Version 1.0
  • A couple of typo-fixes to the preferences stack
  • Project browser now supports dark mode
  • Dictionary now supports dark mode
  • Replaced the tool graphics (mac) to look more in line with modern versions of MacOS
  • Appearance theme (light / dark) now also changes tool icons
  • Slight adjustment to Linux installer script
  • Removed graphics that reference previous Livecode (the company) kickstarter funding requests
  • Update the shortcuts shown in the user guide for consistency
  • Update the user guide to reflect these release notes
  • Created new & simplified About stack
  • Fixed bug in revIDElibrary involving loading 3rd-party widgets
  • Splash screen updated (not that you get to see it for that long now!)
  • Further code optimisations in revIDElibrary, home and script editor
  • Removed references to other editions in resources, which no longer apply
  • Adding TerryL's lessons into the 'userguides' stack... This is still in progress.
  • Recompiled engine for linux! - will no longer ever show the registration screen
OpenXTalk Lite Version 0.99
  • 'All Guides' stack v1 done, can easily be added to or corrections made
  • (Lots of typos fixed, removed sections relating to submitting to Livecode (the company), added revised screenshots where applicable, incorporated some information from old resources stack, added info on writing XCMDs, added a few 'please note' comments where there are currently known issues).
  • Adjusted left-menu of allguides stack so that it follows vertical scroll of the currently selected topic.
  • Lots of optimisations in home stack - removing old code
  • RevMenubar - a couple of references to runRev functions removed, which went nowhere and generated errors (even though these were supressed).
  • Removed handlers in revIDElibrary that repeatedly set the same value on variables needlessly
  • Finally got the shortcuts for 'save as' sorted out
  • Also, fixed the problematic Stack / Card inspector shortcuts
  • Adjusted the shortcuts library to no longer conflict with the revMenubar shortcuts
  • Added the text align > Center shortcut
  • Slightly revised the right-click contextual menu (when selecting multiple objects on a card)
  • Added shortcuts to toggle background on / off
  • Added shortcuts in view menu for Toolbar Icons and Toolbar text
  • View menu > Appearance menuitem added
  • Test alternative theming method (macOS window titlebar theming to be added) - will be revised further
  • IDE applies the theme once at boot. (Rather than initially appearing white, then changing a few seconds later)
  • Tweaked preferences window slightly
  • Adjusted vertical position of the horizontal Toolbar when "Show the toolbar as a standard window" is chosen.
  • Removed a couple of App browser errors if an object selected in the app browser no longer exists
  • Removed items in the script editor > help menu (previously pointed to things that no longer existed)
  • Removed version number string from MacOS > get info (in the Finder), as each time this changes it breaks codesigning
  • (Instead - check Help > About to see version number, or for precise build number 'Edit' > Preferences > 'Automatic Updates')
OpenXTalk Lite Version 0.98
  • Continued work on the 'All Guides' stack
  • Sped up loading of the home stack slightly
  • Splash screen now shows loading status upon startup, and closes only once the IDE is ready
  • You can now increase / decrease text size of a selected object with keyboard shortcuts (credit to Paul for this idea)
  • You can also change left/right text alignment of selected objects with keyboard shortcuts too (credit to Paul for this suggestion)
  • Updated the graphics used in the stack window types dialog - no longer has any LC icon references, and OS screenshots updated
OpenXTalk Lite Version 0.97
  • Continued work on the 'All Guides' stack
  • Added shortcut for Object Inspector ctrl-shift-i (Credit to Richmond for this suggestion)
  • added a resizeable indicator to the report builder's 'report' window (Richmond requested 14-12-23)
  • (Report builder also now does dark-mode properly if you are on Linux with a dark theme)
  • Updates stack: stopped using the unreliable libURLDownloadToFile
  • Dictionary stack - resized certain elements and turned off bits we aren't using
  • Added shortcuts for the Project Browser (ctrl-shift-P) and the Application browser (ctrl-shift-A)
  • moved 'Application Browser' back into the "Tools" menu (actually, left it in plugins too as it's a plugin)
  • Added an option to "Check for updates" via the help menu
  • Corrected the hilite colour for info-tips (normally shown in iOS standalone settings) to use cToolSelector colour in prefs
OpenXTalk Lite Version 0.96
  • Adjusted the grab handle in the revMenubar to look more like a grab handle.
  • Added a visual preview of the grab handle in preferences > appearance
  • Fixed a code error in the 'App Browser', (corrects a false logic statement on fld "controls" in "App Browser", line 34)
  • App Browser now works out what the link colour should be in a more robust way (tpLinkColours, App Browser > stack script)
  • Fix added for the inspector loop condition that can happen in Ubuntu-based linux distros with the inspector palettes.
  • Corrected a few typos in the Tools Palette (only visible in script comments), not user-facing
  • updated the updates stack -- this now removes it from memory when the updates are done
  • Fixed a bug where the truncated toolbar did not stay truncated if the user toggled 'toolbar icons' / 'toolbar text'
  • Replaced the LC icon in the Answer and Ask dialogs. Now shows the OXT icon in the dialog if an ask / answer command is run.
  • Added feature (credit to Richmond). You can now have custom alert icons in the Ask and Answer dialogs. You just need to have an image called 'appicon.png" in card 1 of your stack.
  • Spotted that the 'View' menu > 'Grid' wasn't remembering it's setting between launches, so added a preference to retain this between launches
  • Tweaked the about text (it contained windows "\cr\n" returns), - changed how this loads so encoding and returns are the same across all platforms.
  • Added an option in Preferences > Extras to close unnecessary stacks, after the IDE starts
  • Fixed geometry resizing bug in revgeometrylibrary.livecodescript
  • Modified the inspector so that the chances of getting many, many inspectors is greatly lessened.
  • You can now toggle the revMenubar drag handle on or off without restarting the IDE
  • Linux installer script changes to make it more user friendly.
  • Renamed the toolbar button "Code" to "Script" (it's called Script / Scripting everywhere else).
  • The dictionary now looks slightly worse than it did, but I'll revamp this in future. It's just to create a version that's a stack rather than a web object/widget (whatever).
  • Implemented the additional shortcuts in Object menu (card inspector = ctrl J, card script = ctrl shift C, Stack script = ctrl shift S) - Credit to TerryL for this suggestion
  • started adding a revamped 'all guides' stack (in progress) - can be turned on under Preferences > Dictionary > "Use 'All Guides' experimental stack"
  • revMenumanager - updated by TerryL, revSetEdited command was causing a blocking error
  • reportBuilder - suggestion by TerryL to increase the preview window scaling. (tperry: I've added a slider so it can be adjusted 11-12-23)
OpenXTalk Lite Version 0.95
  • Made drawing the layout guides an option in the preferences
  • Re-enabled online updates. From now on, I'd like all new versions to be delivered this way rather than a 400MB+ download each time. (this will come back online automatically in 5 days - on the 1st of December)
  • fixed grid (size) not applying correctly
  • Added a confirmation dialog when resetting the preferences
  • If using multiple displays, and in the rare instance where it's positioned incorrectly, added a compatibility option to tweak the menubar stack placement under the preferences.
  • Codesigning issues (MacOS only). Hopefully this is now solved. There are additional instructions inside the mac dmg to help with this if you run into problems.
  • updated splash screen
OpenXTalk Lite Version 0.94

What's changed?
  • Removed the theming as it was inconsistent across different platforms (this needs to come from the engine to truly be accurate).
  • Added the option for Tool Snippets, which can be toggled off in the preferences - so that newly created objects have sample code pre-applied (good for those new to XTalk)
  • The draggable top bar containing the "Code, Inspector, Group" etc, - the draggable option can be toggled via the preferences now.
  • Because the "Player" (video) tool is so broken and can cause a spontaneous crash on some versions of linux, added the option to disable this under "Compatibility" mode in the preferences.
  • Added a global variable for getting the system version (as 'get the SystemVersion' did not function correctly under MacOS 11+). You can now use 'put tSystemVersion' - returns "MacOS 14" for example. You can alternatively use 'put tSystemVersionNumber' to just get the short version string. - would have liked to replace the built in systemversion but it's inside the engine.
  • Changes to the preferences path (no longer uses runrev for preferences location), uses ~/.xtalk for example. (so sorry, you'll have to set up your preferences / tools the way you like them again).
  • Modified the windows Installer so you don't get prompted / stopped by a previous existing installation.
  • Added a few extra "Colorization" options for the script editor - you have a choice of more colour themes in the preferences.
release notes now being kept in this file

List of known issues as they unfold (and more do continue to unfold):

And as I discover the bugs (before they are confirmed), I'll put them here:

What I'm working on next, and what my future ideas are:
(have your say too)

Many thanks.

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