"Sub Module" Pointers, what they are.

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"Sub Module" Pointers, what they are.

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Something that might not be obvious to new users of GitHub, or graphically oriented users like myself who use the web interface or GUI client apps with Git, is something called "sub-module pointers". Basically these are the source-code equivalent to "Alias"(macOS)/Shortcuts(Windows)/Symbolic Links (*nux platforms), they point to another source repository that needs to be included in order to compile the project that points to it. If you download a repo in a certain way, such as via github's web interface, the download may not include the additional "sub-module" source code, which would likely prevent the main project from successfully compiling.

They look like an at symbol @ and a number. To fix this you would simply download the additional sub module repo source separately and extract it to the main project's source code folder, making sure it's named the same as the pointer (without the @+number in the name)

The OpenXTalk engine repo has inherited a couple of these submodule pointers. Here "ide" points to the separate LC IDE repo which is archived, but I'm substituting the modified "Toolset" folder from the OXT IDE repo.

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